Unit introduction In this unit, learners will gain an understanding of continuous improvement in their sector and identify areas in production where lean working could be used to aid the company. They will learn about quality control methods used in industry and understand the key factors required to remain competitive in the market. Learners will understand the importance of human resource management in terms of building successful teams and the effect this can have on recruitment and retention of employees. Note that the use of e.g. in the content is to give an indication and illustration of the breadth and depth of the area or topic. As such, not all content that follows an e.g. needs to be taught or assessed.

Learning outcomes On completion of this unit a learner should: 

1 Understand production activities

2 Understand application of quality control and quality assurance 

3 Understand organisational improvement techniques and competitiveness 

4 Understand personal rights and responsibilities in an organisation.